Apple Will Reportedly Drop Touch ID in Favor of Face ID for All 2018 iPhones

KGI Securities is back out with another report (via 9to5Mac) stating Apple will drop Touch ID entirely as early as next year in favor of Face ID, the company’s facial recognition security system. Debuting first on the iPhone X, the technology is said to be much more secure than a fingerprint sensor. KGI says it’ll be a “key selling point” of all 2018 iPhones as the company abandons Touch ID entirely.

In 2018, Apple’s basically gonna flex on the competition with Face ID.


Previously, it was said Apple was working to integrate a Touch ID sensor into the display of next year’s sequel to the iPhone X. According to KGI, it looks like this rumor isn’t true. Rather, instead of trying to innovate on the fingerprint sensor front, the Cupertino company will be working with Face ID by integrating it into more products to basically flex on the competition; KGI says the technology will allow Apple to “capitalize on its clear lead in 3D sensing design and production for smartphones.” It was previously reported Android OEMs were around 2.5 years behind the technical lead Apple has in Face ID, so it looks like the company is taking this statistic and running with it.

And other reports show this. KGI also says the iPad Pro will adopt the facial scanning technology next year as well, so it looks like we’ll be seeing Face ID in a lot more places soon. My prediction? We’ll probably see it in a new MacBook eventually as well, preferably the MacBook Pro which just got Touch ID support last year.

Considering we’re still quite some time away from next year’s iPhones’ debut, we can’t rule out this rumor as being true. We’ll have to sit tight and see where the rumor cycle takes us over the next eleven months.