Movies Anywhere Brings All of Your Movies into One Library

Disney’s Movies Anywhere service aimed to create one digital library where all of your digital movies you’ve bought from various sources would live. It was successful as it was for the most part, but as of today, it’s evolving into something possibly even greater: Movies Anywhere. Created through partnerships between movies studios Disney, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and Universal Pictures, the new service launching today aims to create an integrated digital library for all of your movies to live whether they be from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Fast and Furious franchise.

With Movies Anywhere, you can sign up and link your Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play accounts to one, single account and be able to access all of your movies in one interface. Your library will be accessible through free apps for your phone or tablet or a standard web browser on your PC. Movies Anywhere is also launching on Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku. The company says more platforms and movie outlets will be added over time.


By linking your various accounts, you won’t need to worry about moving your movie to your phone or other devices because it’ll automatically sync to your Movies Anywhere account. So if you buy the new Spider-Man film from iTunes on your iPhone, you’ll be able to pull out your Android tablet and watch it whenever you want. It’s that kind of cross-platform compatibility that will make the service a pleasure to use.

“Movies Anywhere is a massive step forward for the consumer digital media experience, bringing the incredible film libraries of five studios together in a virtual one-stop movie-watching shop,” said Karin Gilford, general manager at Movies Anywhere. “Movies Anywhere means that consumers never have to remember where they purchased a film or which device they can watch it on, because all of their eligible movies will be centralized within their Movies Anywhere library and available across platforms through the Movies Anywhere app and website and also available at their connected digital retailers. And as Movies Anywhere continues to add more studios, retailers and platforms, the entertainment possibilities are endless.”

You’re also able to purchase films through Movies Anywhere if you want. The company says there’s a library of 7,300 digital films already available and a list of previews and extras from film studios. By linking two or more digital movie accounts to your Movies Anywhere account, you’ll even score free digital copies of Ghostbusters (2016), Ice Age, Jason Bourne, The Lego Movie, and Big Hero 6.

You can sign up for Movies Anywhere here.