Twitter Will Soon Let You Bookmark Tweets

Twitter has announced its working on a new feature that will let users ave tweets for later viewing. The company’s private messaging department announced the feature is currently in early testing and will be developed with the help of the public as they test new designs and implementations of the feature before a broad rollout sometime in the future.

At this time, a new menu button sits next to the reply, retweet, and like buttons which, when tapped, brings up the option to bookmark the tweet. Saved bookmarks can then be viewed in another interface accessible via the hamburger menu on the left side of the interface. This could very well change in the near future and be completely different when it rolls out to everyone, but at least for now, the feature looks to be implemented in a pretty simple and straightforward way.

Bookmarking tweets is an attempt to fix a problem created by 280-character tweets.


This comes after the social media platform announced it would soon expand tweets to 280 characters. Obviously, while viewing tweets in your feed longer than the previous glanceable 140 character limit, you may wanna save them for later when you have time to read them. But while this will make reading longer tweets easier, it does attempt to solve the problem with longer tweets in a user’s feed. The original 140 character limit was to make glancing at your feed easy to read and understand without being too extensive. Now, with 280 characters soon to become available to all users, it creates a problem bookmarking will attempt to fix. Whether it’ll be well-received by users is a mystery at this point, but at least for those who prefer the 140 character limit over the 280 limit, this feature could prove pretty pointless.

To keep up with the status on this new feature, follow the hashtag #SaveForLater on Twitter.