This App Lets You Access the Google Assistant with Apple AirPods

There’s a new app on the horizon (via Android Police). Called AirpodsForGA by developer DotArrow, it allows those who download it to their device to activate the Google Assistant by utilizing functionality built into Apple’s wireless AirPods. The app remains exclusive to Android but, fortunately, it’s available for free from the Play Store.

After you install the app, you’ll be able to double tap on either AirPod to bring up the Google Assistant. Mind you, this is the same gesture used to activate Siri when the earphones are paired with an iPhone, so all the hacking to make it work with Android and the Assistant is done strictly in the software department. It’s worth noting that since the app uses custom code to send a media button event to the forefront app on your phone, this function will probably not work while your phone is unlocked. However, once you put your device to sleep, you should be able to double-tap to your heart’s content.

While we aren’t able to verify whether this feature works or not (we’re still waiting to get a pair of AirPods), Play Store reviews left on the app’s page seem relatively positive. Therefore, if you’re an Android phone owner and have a pair of AirPods at your fingertips, download the app and give it a try.