Apple Music is Now Integrated into Facebook Messenger

Facebook is now rolling out a new extension to all Messenger users that allows them to share music from the streaming service Apple Music, as reported by Engadget. Members can search for a listen to full songs in the messaging service, while those who aren’t subscribed can still hear 30-second clips of tracks shared. If you recall, Spotify recently introduced a similar feature for Messenger but didn’t allow subscribers to listen to full songs while in the chat thread. But, at least for now, it looks like Apple has the exclusive.

A unique factor for Apple’s music-sharing extension happens to involve emojis. By sending an emoji to the Apple Music bot in Messenger, it’ll respond with a playlist based on what it detects. So for instance, by sending a grinning emoji, I was sent back a song from an actual artist named Grinning. As always, if emojis don’t do it for you, you can also simply type in an artist and song.

If you’re interested in checking out the Apple Music extension for Facebook Messenger, click or tap here.