Lenovo Celebrates 25th ThinkPad Anniversary with Limited Edition Laptop

Lenovo today is celebrating its 25th anniversary of the first ThinkPad laptop by introducing a limited edition ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 laptop. The laptop features a sleek build and modern specs but holds true to some of the classic features first introduced on the ThinkPad 700C back in 1992.


For starters, Lenovo is including its classic 7-row ThinkPad keyboard which features dedicated volume buttons, multiple status LEDs, a multicolor logo, and more. It’s also backlit to make viewing in darker situations easier. The entire device looks pretty retro as well since it packs an all-black body that’s reminiscent of the original 700C’s build.

This limited edition ThinkPad is “a far cry from the original 700C.”

Inside, Lenovo packs an Intel Core i7 processor with discrete Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics good for gaming. There’s also a 14-inch Full HD display and it comes powered by Windows 10. Lenovo touts this special edition ThinkPad’s performance is “a far cry from the original 700C.”

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For a bit of history, this ThinkPad has evolved from the original ThinkPad 700C launched on October 5, 1992. It was designed by Richard Sapper and engineered in the Yamato Labs in Japan. The design takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese bento box and took home more than three hundred awards. It later sold 130 million units and later became a staple for presidents, CEOs, and other high-authority individuals.

“ThinkPad design creates a powerful and synergistic relationship between form and function,” said David Hill, former chief design officer at Lenovo. “It balances sophisticated aesthetics, thoughtfully crafted user experiences, and renowned engineering in order to deliver superior products. 25 years after the introduction of the original 700C, the latest X1 Carbon is immediately recognizable as a ThinkPad.”

As for what the future of Lenovo’s design and ThinkPad withholds, Arimasa Maitoh, former head of the Yamato Labs and known affectionately as the father of the ThinkPad, believes everything is in good hands.

“From the original 700C to the latest X1 Series, ThinkPad has proved it can enable business transformation and offer customers uncompromised mobility. our team of engineers imagines a future world where ThinkPad creates new segments and further enrichens user experiences as technology becomes more embedded in our lives.”

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Lenovo won’t be making many of these laptops and will limit them to a few countries. If your region falls in line where the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 will be sold, you can buy one for $1899. A special discount will be offered on Lenovo.com for today only.