How-To: Tweet 280 Characters on Twitter Right Now

Yesterday, Twitter announced a global test to allow users to send up to 280 characters in a single tweet, two times more than what was previously offered. While the update isn’t rolling out to all Twitter users, there is a way for users interested in sending out extended tweets to try it out now before everyone else.

As discovered by Prof. 9 on Twitter, there’s a certain script you can run in your web browser to forcefully enable 280-character tweets on The process for enabling the script isn’t very difficult and can be completed by anyone who knows how to install extensions for their browser.

  1. Download the Tampermonkey extension for your web browser (we tested the Google Chrome extension, in case you’re wondering).
  2. Once installed, visit this Github repository and click the “Raw” button located on the right side of the screen.
  3. After doing so, you’ll wanna hit “Install” on the Tampermonkey page that loads.
  4. Afterward, visit and type up 280 characters and click “tweet”.

Mind you, this functionality is a bit buggy. Nothing will harm your computer or web browser, but by navigating away from Twitter and going back, you’ll have to reload Twitter in order to send out another 280 characters. Still, at least there’s a way to get your toes wet in what will likely become the future of Twitter.