Amazon Unveils Echo Spot w/ Round Form Factor and 2.5-inch Screen

Amazon today unveiled its new Echo Spot smart home device. The best way to think of the Echo Spot is envisioning a smaller, round Echo Show because that’s basically what it is. The device sports a 2.5-inch rounded display and camera above it for video calls. The company touts it’s a good alarm clock replacement, but it’s capable of a lot more since it packs Alexa.


There are speakers on the device, sure, but it also has an auxiliary out port so you can connect better speakers for improved listening. If you want to use the speakers on the device, however, you also have the option of streaming your phone’s music over Bluetooth. And since there’s a screen, you can do all the normal Echo Show things like view song lyrics, get weather charts, and even watch videos (but not YouTube).

Amazon’s new Echo Spot costs $129 and comes in black and white. It’ll be available starting this December. It’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon’s website.

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