A New Google Home ‘Max’ is Reportedly in the Works

Google is reportedly developing an upgraded Google Home smart home speaker. Speaking to 9to5Google, sources suggest the speaker will be called the Google Home ‘Max’ and come with improved sound. However, it remains unclear whether it’ll debut at next week’s October 4th event where we’ll see the Pixel 2, Pixelbook, and smaller $49 Google Home.

Specifically, this new Google Home Max will reportedly sport stereo speakers, a major upgrade over what the current Home features. It isn’t known exactly what these speakers will be made up of, but they probably pack a singular unit with dual mid-range drivers and a single tweeter. The sources tell 9to5Google the device will be “premium” in terms of both design and materials, so take that as you will.

By introducing a higher-quality Google Home, Google will be able to compete with the likes of others who are introducing high-end smart home speakers such as Sonos, Apple, and even Amazon who just unveiled the Echo Plus. Of course, it’ll really depend on how well the speaker performs in the real world to be determined an actual competitor to the products listed above, but at least for now, it looks like Google is ready to tackle the latest trend in the smart home industry.

We expect to hear more about the Google Home Max soon.