RIP: Verizon Kills Android Wear-Powered Wear24 Smartwatch

Verizon has killed off its desperate attempt at a smartwatch, according to Droid-Life. Originally debuted back in February but not released until May, the Android Wear 2.0-powered Wear24 watch has been discontinued and is no longer available from Verizon’s website. Attempting to visit the device’s page redirects you to the gadget’s support page, so for the three people who bought one, at least Big Red isn’t gonna desert you.

I could probably list a dozen reasons why the Wear24 is dead, but the only significant reason is likely due to sales. LG’s own Android Wear 2.0-powered Watch Sport and Watch Style aren’t exactly selling like they hoped, so by having Verizon throw a competitor in the mix with no standout features to make it unique, it only makes sense to see it get eaten by LG’s dust. In fact, this product is so dead, not even eBay is selling it. Bummer for anyone who wanted one.

If you want a smartwatch and (maybe?) Verizon’s Wear24 was on your radar, it’s worth taking a look at LG’s Watch Sport, Samsung’s Gear Sport, and even Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 3. These all come with LTE connectivity (besides the Gear Sport) and likely improve on what Verizon was originally offering. Of course, if these don’t float your boat, you can always light a candle for that $299 smartwatch you really wanted. That or just buy one of these $10-60 options on Amazon.