Instagram Now Has 500 Million Daily Users

Instagram is now reporting it has over 500 million daily users on its platform, according to CNBC. The photo and video streaming service likely has its year-old Stories feature to thank for this statistic since it basically requires users visit each day to see what their friends are posting before things begin disappearing after 24 hours. The service also says it has over 800 million monthly users.

Last April, Instagram reported having 700 million monthly users on their platform, so the company was able to add another 100 million in the matter of just five months. Last time we checked, the company also said it had 250 million users using its Stories feature in its apps. It’s highly likely there’s more than 250 million using Stories at this point since a majority of the 500 million visiting the service daily are probably checking stories more often than their own feed. This competes directly against Snapchat’s current userbase which, according to month-old data, indicates the service has 173 million daily users.

This news doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. With the break-out sensation that is Stories, it’s clear increased numbers like this were inevitable. And while Instagram’s daily user count is at half a billion, there’s probably not much time left until it hits the 1,000,000,000 mark. Instagram’s Snapchat clone definitely helped them achieve this current statistic, so expect more moves like Stories from Instagram in the future to further boost user counts.