Amazon’s First Wearable Could Be Smart Glasses with Alexa

According to a new report out of the Financial Times, Amazon is currently developing a pair of smart glasses which are powered by the company’s voice assistant, Alexa. The report doesn’t go into detail in regards to how the glasses will look or whether they’ll be customizable, but we do know there probably won’t be a screen and you’ll be able to hear Alexa thanks to bone-conduction technology rather traditional speakers or earphones.

Whether smart glasses from the world’s largest online retailer are actually on their way remains a mystery. This is the first time we’re hearing this rumor, so there’s really no telling exactly how reputable this report will turn out to be. At this point, we’re seeing Amazon enter more categories in the smart home, with FT also stating Amazon is expected to launch a security camera as well which won’t be connected to Alexa. Therefore, something as personal as a pair of glasses with Alexa onboard remains a sort of outstretch for the company at least in terms of their history and obvious direction.

These glasses would probably be pretty simple – and simple sells


Of course, we could very well see something like smart glasses come out of Amazon since they won’t be bombarded by features you may or may not use. This was a leading reason Google Glass never really took off. Personally, I don’t need walking directions in one of my eyes as I take a stroll down the sidewalk, but I could use something like Alexa to ask a quick question like what the weather will be like an hour from now. I may even use them around the house to control smart devices. Whatever the case may be, these glasses sound simple – and simple sells.

According to FT, one or both devices from Amazon could launch this year. We have yet to hear any further reports corroborating this information, so take it with a grain of salt. That being said, we’ll, of course, let you know when new information arrives.