Apple Music for Android Updated with Voice Control, Social Profiles

Apple has given a pretty major update to Apple Music for Android. With version 2.2 of the app, users can now control the music streaming service with their voice thanks to integration with Google Now and the Assistant. Now, you can say, “Okay Google, play Beats 1 in Apple Music” and you’ll begin hearing the radio station playing. This is a major step for the app as it begins to integrate closer with the rest of Android.

Additionally, social profiles from iOS 11 have been brought over to Apple Music for Android which allow users to make their listening history and playlists available for their friends to see as a part of a sort of network within the app. Finally, two new App Shortcuts for Apple Music have been added to quickly access Beats 1 and search alongside a new widget which displays recently played music.

Apple Music 2.2 is now rolling out to all Android users over the Play Store.


Now discover music with friends on Apple Music. Create a profile and follow others to see music they are listening to and playlists they’ve shared.
This update also adds:
Voice Search. Touch and hold the home button or say “Ok Google” to use your voice to play artists, albums, songs, and Beats 1 on Apple Music.
Recently Played Widget. Show and play recent music on your home screen.
Shortcuts. Tap and hold the Apple Music icon to quickly Play Beats 1 or start a new Search.