Here’s Where You Can Get LTE for Your Apple Watch Series 3

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have all confirmed that when the upcoming LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 launches on September 22nd, it’ll cost an extra $10 per month for service on the wearable which pairs with your iPhone’s data plan. By enabling cellular data for the Watch, it’ll allow you to leave your phone at home and still place receive incoming calls and texts right on your wrist and with the same number. Sprint hasn’t announced its plans to support the watch, but we do know the carrier will offer it, to say the least.

Not many have detailed how their plans will work for the new Apple Watch, but AT&T says those who activate the device on their $50/month or more iPhone bill can receive a $25 activation fee credit and a $30 service fee. In other words, the carrier will give users three free months of service as a sort of trial. For reference, all US carriers will be doing this for the time being.

Of course, whether being able to receive calls and texts on your wrist is worth it to you depends on if you’re willing to give your carrier an extra $10 per month. That totals $120 a year, but in the same breath, that’s sometimes the amount people pay for a single month of service for a couple of phone lines. Therefore, you may find value in subscribing. Otherwise, you’ll save a Hamilton each month.

We’ll be updating this article when more details surrounding the watch and where it’s available surfaces.