Here’s How Much AppleCare+ is Gonna Cost for Your New iPhone X

Apple unveiled the iPhone X yesterday to much fan fair (the news blew up on the site, by the way). With Face ID, a bezel-less OLED screen, new software gestures, fresh cameras, and an all-glass-and-stainless-steel design, it has every right to get people excited. So some may be tempted to buy it, but you’ll have to note it starts at $999 and goes up to $1,149 which is absolutely insane for a phone. But hey, it’s Apple, you’ll probably slap a grand down for it anyway. Afterwards, you’ll naturally wanna protect your investment, and AppleCare+ comes to mind. Friends, if you wanna spare your wallet, you may not wanna pick up this level of protection.

As many have already mentioned, AppleCare+ for the iPhone X costs $199. That’s $70 more than the price for AppleCare+ with an iPhone 8 or 7, and the worst part is you don’t get any added perks. In all reality, you’ll have the same experience paying $129 for AppleCare to cover your iPhone 8 when paying $199 to cover your iPhone X. Whether it’s because the phone simply costs more money up front or because it costs more to repair, there isn’t any added value to an additional $70 surcharge and you’ll be treated just like everyone else. So I guess to Apple, even though you gave them $1,000 for a smartphone, you mean as much to them as anyone else who walked in with an iPhone.

So much for being the apple of their eye, amirite?