Android Nougat is Now Running on 15.8% of Devices

Google has published the current status numbers for its Android operating system and its many versions. Last year’s version, Android 7 Nougat, has grown some and is now running on 15.8% of all devices. Obviously, with help from manufacturers including the OS on new devices and updating old ones, it isn’t surprising to see the number increase like it did. Of course, with Android Oreo being rolled out to more devices, we may not see sharp spikes in Nougat adoption in the coming months, but for now, Android 7 will likely continue to grow.

(It’s worth noting Android Oreo isn’t on enough devices yet to be included in this month’s distribution numbers. Expect to see Oreo hit the below chart next month or in November.)

Screenshot (355)

For reference, Android Marshmallow is now on 32.2% of devices opposed to 32.3% last month; Lollipop is on 28.8% over 29.2% last month; KitKat is on 15.1% over 16% last month; Jelly Bean is on 6.9% over 7.6% last month; and Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread are still sitting on 0.6% of devices each, somehow some way.