New iPod Touch with Face ID Hinted in iOS 11 GM Seed

We’ve heard about the new iPhone X, Apple Watch with LTE, AirPods, and 4K Apple TV before thanks to the leaked iOS 11 Gold Master seed, but one product I don’t think anyone was expecting has also been hinted at in the software: a new iPod touch. Yup, you read correctly. As it turns out, Apple may also debut a new iPod touch tomorrow during their special event taking place in Cupertino at the new Steve Jobs Theater.

According to developer Benjamin Geskin on Twitter, a new iPod touch by the codename “iPod8, 1” was spotted with a string that reads, “Unlock your iPod with your face.” This could indicate a new iPod touch with Face ID is on its way. A follow-up tweet by the developer says the reason a face detection reference is present is likely due to Apple future-proofing the software, but a new iPod is definitely possible, to say the least.

Whether Apple will actually update the iPod lineup for 2017 remains unclear. Despite this reference in iOS 11, we haven’t heard anything regarding a new iPod in the past. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Apple will show love to its dated music player lineup by giving it an upgrade. We’ll obviously let you know if anything results from this leak.