New AirPods Leak in iOS 11 GM Seed

Apple’s iOS 11 Gold Master seed leaked last night, and many developers have been able to install it on their own devices. Of course, some have decided to dig around the software on their computers instead, and 9to5Mac falls in that party. Thanks to this, the publication was able to find this GIF of what appears to be the next-generation of AirPods.

giphy (2)

Unfortunately, we’re not getting a full-on design refresh or new colors in this case. Rather, the new AirPods – known internally as AirPods1,2 opposed to the old ones known as AirPods1,1 – will simply feature what looks like a battery indicator on the outside of their case. This will make checking how much charge you have left easier since you won’t need to open the case, but this appears to be the only change. It’s definitely possible Apple could lower the price of the AirPods, but this is just a guess at this point.

Apple will most likely debut these headphones at their September 12th event next week so stay tuned for more.