iHome’s Newest Alarm Clock Comes with Alexa

Originally shown off at CES earlier this year, iHome has announced its newest alarm clock. Called the iAVS16, the clock looks like your normal bedside companion with a relatively large speaker. However, it packs something most alarm clocks don’t: Amazon Alexa.


Yup, you read correctly. Integrated into iHome’s newest alarm clock is Alexa, Amazon’s digital voice assistant. The assistant can help by checking the weather, setting calendar appointments, and even controlling your smart home accessories. All alarms are even set through Alexa so you can yell at your clock to wake you up in the morning. What more could you want?

Additionally, the clock supports a speakerphone for phone calls, wireless Bluetooth audio streaming from your phone, USB input for charging your device, and iHome Smart Plugs. There are far-field microphones on board so the iAVS16 can hear you, a 10-watt speaker cranks out all the sound, SureAlarm makes sure your alarm goes off even if your Wi-Fi network is down or the device isn’t connected to the internet at all, and there’s an LED light to indicate when Alexa recognizes your voice and registers given commands. The device costs $149.95 and can be pre-ordered starting today.