Disney’s Upcoming Streaming Service Will Exclusively House Marvel and Star Wars Films

Last month, Disney made the staggering announcement that they’ll be breaking their partnership with Netflix and will no longer make movies and TV shows available on the platform starting in 2019. All content that came out before that time will still live on the service, but anything new like Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 or Frozen 2 wouldn’t be rolled out, which is disappointing. Now, we’re hearing that despite Netflix’s efforts to at least keep films belonging to Marvel or the Star Wars franchise, Disney has announced their upcoming streaming service will be the exclusive home of these movies, as reported by CNBC and Deadline.

According to Disney CEO Bob Iger, the company will be keeping all future Marvel and Star Wars films and properties exclusive to its own streaming service which is expected to launch in 2019. As for now, it’s unclear if Disney has decided to pull all of its content from Netflix in these two areas or not, but it seems unlikely.

Maybe you’ll have a reason to subscribe now?

While this sounds disappointing for present Netflix subscribers, at least it should give fans of these two franchises an incentive to subscribe to Disney’s streaming service besides doing it just for their kids’ own entertainment. Of course, if you wanna watch House of Cards or Fuller House, you’ll still need Netflix alongside your Disney subscription, so your experience will still be scattered across services. But hey, I guess it won’t be much more different than using Netflix, Hulu, and HBO at the same time.

What’s interesting is Disney was even considering creating another streaming service which would house Marvel and Star Wars films since the two properties were so distinct. However, according to Iger, Disney is “going to launch big, and [they’re] going to launch hot.”

With the service launching in at least a year and four months, we have a good chunk of time to wait and see what Disney will do with the streaming service. Of course, if more details surface, we’ll let you know.