T-Mobile’s Unlimited Family Plan Will Come with Free Netflix Starting September 12th

T-Mobile today announced that starting September 12th, those subscribed to the carrier’s One unlimited plan and has two or more active lines can opt to receive a free standard subscription to Netflix. The offer is valid for those who pay for two or more lines and those who opted into the “line-on-us” offer, while folks on the Unlimited 55+ plan or have 2 lines for $100 will need to subscribe to T-Mobile’s latest One plan.

Of course, this offer does come with some caveats. For one, you won’t be able to enjoy HD Netflix while using your T-Mobile data. Since the carrier throttles video to 480p by default, you’ll need to upgrade to its One Plus plan to enjoy a higher definition. You’re also getting a standard Netflix subscription here which means you can’t enjoy things like 4K or HDR-enabled movies and TV shows on compatible devices like the Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30. But hey, the subscription is free, so I guess you’ll have to take what you can get.

This news comes as T-Mobile issues attacks on its larger competitors, Verizon and AT&T. The carrier’s CEO, John Legere, claims “the future of mobile entertainment is not about bolting a satellite dish to the side of your house or resuscitating faded 90s dotcoms. The future is mobile, over-the-top and unlimited.”

“While the carriers spend billions on their franken-strategies to cobble together carrier–cable–content mashups, the Un-carrier just leapfrogged them all by partnering with the best and giving it to customers at no extra charge. Because that’s what we always do. Give more to you without asking more from you.”

Specifically, Legere calls out AT&T’s DirecTV partnership and Verizon’s purchases of AOL and Yahoo. While these carriers make these purchases and attempt to enhance their own offerings, Legere notes streaming media is pretty much the way to go. Considering online services is how most people obtain entertainment, they probably have the right idea. Of course, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see another carrier partner with someone like Hulu and offer it for free, but at least for now, if you’re paying for both Netflix and T-Mobile, things are about to get sweeter.