Case Makers Are Calling Apple’s Next Phones the ‘iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Edition’

According to 9to5Mac, at IFA 2017, two case makers have confirmed they’ve begun referring to Apple’s upcoming smartphones as the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Edition. The manufacturers stated to the publication’s Seth Weintraub that at least one of them have updated their internal SKUs to reflect the naming schemes and have been printing packaging and showed it to the writer in the form of preliminary artwork. At least one of the makers has also begun showing sticker labels with the names on them to retail partners.

Since the phones are getting redesigned, it makes sense to call them iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Admittedly, this doesn’t come as a major surprise. Up until now, we’ve been referring to Apple’s other two new iPhones besides the bezel-less OLED iPhone as the 7s and 7s Plus. With an S-branded iPhone, this usually means we’d see a simple spec bump. But leaks are hinting that all three iPhones will receive new glass and metal designs and will ditch the old aluminum builds the iPhone 6, 6s, and 7 all have. And since redesigns usually only come with version number bumps, it would make sense for Apple to call the phones the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, even though we would ultimately never see the iPhone 7s.

The Edition branding for the special OLED iPhone also makes sense. Up until now, we’ve also been referring to this model as the iPhone 8, but since the 4.7-inch iPhone will likely receive this name, a different name for Apple’s most advanced phone is required. It’s also the most radically different iPhone since the device’s debut back in 2007, ten years ago. It’s the phone’s anniversary, and calling it a special “Edition” would be fitting.

One of the case makers even sells their product in Apple’s stores.

These case makers aren’t exactly small, either, apparently. According to 9to5Mac, one of them actually has their products in Apple’s retail locations, while the second is a major seller on the publication’s deals website. Obviously, the makers’ names haven’t been revealed, but at least we know they’re not no-names in the iPhone case market who are putting out false information.

Apple is holding its iPhone event on September 12th where they’ll formally introduce the trio of devices alongside a new Apple Watch and TV. We have just eleven more days to wait so stay tuned.