Lenovo’s New Accessory Turns Your Android Tablet into an Echo Show

Today before IFA 2017, Lenovo is introducing a new accessory for its Tab 4 series of Android tablets which basically turns your tablet into an Amazon Echo Show. Called the Lenovo Home Assistant Pack, it allows users to slide their tablet into the device’s side to transform it into a smart home speaker complete with a three-watt speaker and far-field voice detection. It also just weighs 300 grams so it doesn’t add a lot of weight to your tablet.

When you slide the Tab 4 on, you’ll be greeted by a new interface. Not only can you ask Alexa all the normal Alexa stuff like the weather and what’s on your calendar, but for things like news briefings, your tablet’s screen can be used for visuals. This is why the Home Assistant Pack essentially turns Lenovo’s tablet into an Echo Show since it can display content. It’s a pretty ingenious solution to forking over $230 to Amazon for its in-house device.


Unfortunately, unless you have a Tab 4 series tablet, you won’t be able to use the accessory. This stinks because I know most of you probably don’t have one. But hey, if you do, you can give $69.99 to Lenovo and they’ll send you a Home Assistant Pack which will launch this October.