Asus Announces New Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Ahead of IFA 2017 when a bunch of announcements are being made, Asus has unveiled its first Windows Mixed Reality headset. The accessory is designed with a polygon-textured visor and weight distribution that reduces stress on the nose and face. It also weighs just 400 grams which is less than a pound so it shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable on your face for a long period of time.

As for specs, the headset features a 3K resolution for viewing content, six degrees of freedom tracking without the need for sensors around a room, and controllers. Overall, this headset is near identical to what we’re seeing from Dell, HP, and Acer in which its specs are the same with a tweaked, unique design. Asus says the Mixed Reality headset will launch later this year for 449 euros which, if you convert it to USD, is $535. It’s unclear if, for that price, you get the controllers as well.