LG Confirms Upcoming V30 Will Ship with Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC

Last year with the V20, LG introduced a quad DAC (digital-to-analog converter). It was the first time the technology was ever implemented in a smartphone since it can drive higher-fidelity audio to high-end headphones much like a standalone music player, but shoved in the body of a smartphone. Now, the company has confirmed the feature is coming back for its upcoming V30 smartphone set to debut at 3 AM ET on August 31st.


According to LG, this new DAC will build on what was featured in the V20. The V30 will have a 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi ESS ES9218P Quad DAC. What all that means, essentially, is the sound will be better and the V30 will be able to output higher-quality tracks than what the V20 could do. There are new digital filters and sound presets for improved personal listening habits, while both the left and right channels of the DAC’s sound will be adjusted separately to make listeners feel like “as if they are standing in the center of a concert hall.” The company was even able to cut any distortion surrounding this effect down to 0.0002 percent which is a pretty incredible foot. The new DAC, which is also paired with MQA technology, will provide a listening experience “that will touch the heart as well as the ears.” In addition, the company notes any audio output from the V30 will be in high-resolution “without the inconvenience of downloading huge files or using up large amounts of mobile data to get great sounding music.”

LG goes further into detail surrounding its new DAC for the V30 in their press release, but in the end, the upcoming smartphone should simply feature the best audio listening experience of any smartphone to date. The company will be continuing its partnership with B&O Play to provide a pair of high-quality earphones in the box of every V30, so even without the quad DAC, you’ll probably enjoy a great listening experience anyway. We’ll keep you up-to-date on everything V30 leading up to its debut on Thursday.