Dell’s New Windows Mixed Reality Headset Costs $359

Ahead of IFA 2017, Dell has announced its new Windows Mixed Reality headset similar to what HP and Acer recently introduced on the market. The accessory, called the Dell Visor, has a well-cushioned design for optimal comfort while viewing Mixed Reality (AR and VR) for longer periods of time. It also packs inside-out tracking cameras paired with a 360-degree panoramic view which helps to identify your surroundings so the headset doesn’t have to depend on satellite emitters inside a room. The headset can be configured with controllers for operating VR and AR experiences. The Visor, alone, costs $359.99 while paired with the controllers, the price goes up to $459.99. The device will go on sale this holiday.


This comes as Microsoft previews new efforts they’re making in the Mixed Reality arena. For instance, the company says they’re working with 343 different industries to bring HoloLens experiences to Mixed Reality which will help bring more immersive interactions with technology to larger markets, while new Mixed Reality and Mixed Reality Ultra PCs will both be offered in the forms of desktops and laptops with integrated and discrete graphics, respectively. These new PCs will be made available this holiday as well. In addition, Microsoft also says Steam content will run on Windows Mixed Reality headsets this holiday as well. A preview can be found below.

We expect to hear much more surrounding various companies during IFA 2017 so stay tuned.