Report: Apple to Sell iPhone 8 For $999

According to a new report out of The New York Times, Apple will sell its upcoming iPhone 8 for a staggering $999. The device, which is set to feature no bezels, no Home button, no Touch ID, and no headphone jack (again), will be the company’s most-costly smartphone to date, even beating out a maxed-out iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black which runs for $969.

Rumors have suggested the next-generation iPhone would cost at least $1,000, and it looks like they were ultimately right. Of course, NYT simply has sources telling them this information rather Apple themselves, so things could go south quickly for this report in terms of its legitimacy. However, considering we’re so close to seeing the next iPhone officially (which could be September 12th), I wouldn’t be surprised if today’s rumor were accurate.

Apple may want to depress iPhone 8 sales to manage inventory and keep stock handy.

But why the high price anyway? Not only is Apple minimizing the bezels on the iPhone 8, but they’re also building in a software Home button, facial recognition sensors, 3D-sensing cameras, and glass/metal for the design. If that’s not enough, Apple, according to NYT, could also be trying to depress the amount of sales of the new iPhone to keep stock handy and manage inventory. Whether this is true or not is ultimately a mystery, but it’s a good theory that could prove true.

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