Deal: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is Up to 46% Off for Note 7 Owners

Samsung is giving former Galaxy Note 7 owners a discount. According to the company, those who still have the device can trade it into the company and get up to $425 off the new Galaxy Note 8. In case you’re wondering, that’s roughly up to 46% off the new device if you consider the lower $930 price T-Mobile is charging.

Owners of the Note 7 will be able to take advantage of the “forgive-us” offer at This is probably the best thing the company could do for its loyal fan base of Galaxy Note users since last year’s phone, well, exploded. It remains unclear if previous owners of the Note 7 who had to give up their phone during the recalls will also be able to take advantage of this offer, but we’ll let you know when we hear back from Samsung.

This offer will go live when pre-orders open for the Note 8 tomorrow.