Special Edition Xbox One S with Minecraft Makeover Now Available for Pre-Order

During gamescom 2017, Microsoft debuted the special edition Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition which gives the console and its controller a green and brown-block makeover. The controll sports a face smack in the middle, while the console resembles a typical building block you’d find during gameplay. It costs $399 and can be ordered here.

Not only are you getting a special design, but Microsoft also includes Minecraft “system sounds, vertical stand and transparent underside with Redstone circuit accents.” You even get a full game download of Minecraft alongside the Redstone Pack. Sold separately will be both Minecraft Pig and Creeper controllers which are also up for pre-order.

Regarding launch times, the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition will land on October 3rd in all Xbox One markets except China and Brazil. The new controllers will land at certain retailers on September 5th and become more widely available on September 12th.