Google Home Can Now Play Your Music Over Bluetooth

As initially spotted by Android Police, Google is updating its Home smart speaker with the ability to stream users’ own music over Bluetooth like a standard wireless speaker. This feature is great for those who may be subscribed to a service like Apple Music or Tidal that isn’t natively supported by Google Home.

According to users who have already received the update, you’ll have to visit the Home app’s settings on your phone and select “Paired Bluetooth devices” to connect your device to the Home. As a word of warning, users aren’t too happy so far with the function since audio can experience a delay and the overall quality isn’t very good, but hey, at least you can listen to your own tunes anyhow.

As of now, Google hasn’t formally announced Bluetooth connectivity beginning to roll out to the Home. They did confirm the feature was real at I/O 2017, but we’ve been waiting for it to hit us since then. Now, it looks like the feature will make its way to everyone. It’s just a matter of time before Google formally says so.

You should receive the update on your Google Home in the next few days. Be sure to check your app store for available Home app updates.