BlackBerry KeyOne’s Display Won’t Come Off, But its Bloatware Will

Back in June, YouTuber JerryRigEverything took apart BlackBerry’s KeyOne smartphone to see how repairable it was and exactly how they built it. To his surprize, it appeared the display on the handset came off way too easily. After the video surfaced, users reported their phone screens popping up due to lack of an adhesive gluing the display to the rest of the device’s body. BlackBerry formally said they’d fix the issue, and it appears they have as the same YouTube star has produced a follow-up video where he shows off the adhesive added to the KeyOne’s screen.

Now if you buy a KeyOne, you won’t have to worry about its screen popping off. Thank God, because that’s a pretty weird problem to have.

In other news, Sprint will soon be less aggressive with the bloatware on their KeyOne model. If you recall, it was discovered that by uninstalling some of the bloatware on the device, it would reinstall or be re-enabled when one rebooted his/her phone. It was a really stupid problem to have, and now Sprint has confirmed (via PhoneArena) they’ll be issuing a fix for Sprint ID which is the app that would reinstall the stuff you don’t want. The carrier says to go to Settings -> Apps -> Blackberry Launcher -> View Details in Play Store, uninstall the app, and then reboot your phone for a temporary fix. Look out for a software update in the near future for a formal fix to the problem.