Hands-On Pictures of the Google Pixel 2 Leak Out

GSMArena has published a couple of photos they claim depict a hands-on experience with an early unit of the upcoming 5-inch Google Pixel 2. The device is covered in a billion stickers that have been blurred out, but we still get a good idea of what the device looks like. And if you’re wondering, it looks just like the renders.

AS you can see, there’s a small glass window at the top for radios to pass through, a fingerprint sensor directly beneath, and chunky bezels surrounding the 4.97-inch display. There’s also a set of stereo speakers which has been highly rumored as of late. Additionally, GSM‘s source notes the device doesn’t have a headphone jack which doesn’t come as a surprise since it seems to be a trend in the industry and multiple reports have confirmed the absence of the port.

All in all, while we’re not getting much new information out of the pictures, at least we’re basically getting confirmation this is the Pixel 2’s final design. We have yet to see much surrounding the Pixel 2 XL, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some hands-on photos of it in the near future.