Apple’s New Instagram Account Shows off Photos Shot on iPhone

Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign has led to the company creating its own Instagram account. The profile, under the typical username @apple, showcases users’ photos they’ve shot on the iPhone. Anyone interested in submitting their own pictures can use the hashtag #ShotoniPhone.

Besides Shot on iPhone posts, Apple could unsurprisingly share images of new products when they get announced. Of course, the company was expected to do the same thing with their Twitter profile, but they have yet to send out a single tweet that wasn’t an ad.

That being said, it’s worth noting Apple has been advertising on Instagram for some time. Now, they can do so more natively and in a collective manner where users can go back and view photos they may’ve missed in the company’s galleries they upload to the platform. It also opens the door for Apple to connect with its fans who snap potentially amazing photos with the iPhone’s camera.

If you wanna follow Apple on Instagram, click or tap here.

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