Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is Officially the Richest Person in the World


Remember when Microsoft founder Bill Gates was the richest person in the world? Well, that’s changed. Now, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has taken the reigns after a surge in Amazon’s shares this morning propelled the billionaire to a $90.9 billion net worth (via Bloomberg, Forbes). For reference, Gates currently sits at $90.7 billion, just $0.2 billion less than Bezos.

Bezos has about a 17 percent stake in Amazon which is quite a lot, enough to give him a valuation of $83 billion. Of course, as long as Amazon’s shares don’t dip too far or Microsoft’s spike too high, the Amazon founder will retain his title. Otherwise, Gates will take back the reigns he’s held since 2013.

Thanks to Bezos, Amazon has been able to do nothing but succeed. The genius/billionaire turned a rinky-dink book shop he ran out of his garage into a multi-billion dollar company by not only selling books online but opening it up to practically any and every item you can imagine. They’ve also been able to expand to other areas like AI to become a leading contender in the technology industry with Alexa and the Echo. The company even has its own cloud-computing platform known as Amazon Web Services which accounts for around 10 percent of their revenue.

Overall, it makes sense for Bezos to claim this title. Now, it’s probably just a matter of time until Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Founder of Facebook) grows from being the fifth richest to the richest in the near future.

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