Google’s Gboard Now Supports Incognito Mode from Within Chrome

A new update rolling out to beta users of Google’s Gboard for Android enables a new feature that ties in with Chrome. If you open a new Incognito tab from within Chrome, Gboard will automatically adapt and show an Incognito Mode background behind its keys. The app will also not remember any data you punch in, whether it’s a credit card number or an address you wanna keep private. Essentially, this feature aims to protect your privacy the best it can by simply not storing potentially confidential information.


Other features of version 6.4.11 of Gboard include new interfaces for moving your keyboard around your screen and choosing a different theme alongside a new GIF shortcut in the toolbar. Beta testers can download the latest build from the Play Store here. Everyone else will need to wait for the feature to roll out in full at a later time.