Google Play Music’s New Release Radio Station is Now Available to All

Last month, Google began rolling out a new feature exclusively to Samsung Galaxy S8 users called New Release. Essentially, it was a radio station that played new songs it thought you’d like based on your listening preferences. Now, that same station is rolling out to all users of the app.


As per a blog post, we now have confirmation that New Release is currently being rolled out to all users of Play Music. And apparently, the reason it was exclusive to the S8 before was due to Google collecting user feedback about the station from S8 users who they knew they could specifically reach out of their partnership with Samsung. Hey, they’ve gotta take care of business one way or another.

Both free listeners and subscribers of the $9.99/month unlimited service can take advantage of New Release. A full description of the station is available below for your convenience.

Discovering new music you’ll love should be easy, too. Starting this week, our latest feature—New Release Radio—will serve you new releases based on your personal tastes, so you can stay up to date with the freshest tunes.

The station uses machine learning to select singles and album releases from the past two weeks based on your listening history and musical preferences. It’s a really quick way to check out all-new music that’s tailored just for you.