Amazon May Be Giving Their Echo an Upgrade to Compete with Apple’s HomePod

A new report out of Engadget who spoke with their sources claims Amazon is gearing up to give their flagship Echo smart home speaker an upgrade. The company is expected to refresh its design by making it shorter and thinner than the current model, while a “cloth-like covering” will be used rather the hard plastic being currently used. However, this isn’t most certainly the end of the story.

According to Engadget, Amazon will be improving the Echo’s internals to compete with Apple’s HomePod, due out this December. The company will load the new Echo with several tweeters rather just a single, large one alongside a woofer for low-end sound. If you recall, the HomePod sports seven tweeters, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the refreshed Echo landed around this ballpark as well.

Amazon will also be improving the microphone pickup some way or another, but it’s unclear just how.

While design features of the new Echo can change at any given time before this new device ships, it’s worth noting Amazon is planning to begin shipping this upgraded model this fall. Therefore, we don’t have much longer to wait until we see what the retailer has in store in terms of their classic smart home speaker.