Microsoft’s Latest App Lets Blind People See the World with AI

Microsoft’s newest app, Seeing AI, aims to assist the visually impaired by utilizing artificial intelligence. The app, now available as a free download for iOS users, allows users to hold their phone’s camera up to people, products, and more to get audio descriptions of what’s around them. But it’s probably more powerful than what you may be already thinking.

By holding your phone up to a person, Seeing AI can identify who it is, how they’re feeling, and even how old they may be. The app can also identify barcodes on products and U.S. currency. The last two features may not sound that impressive (and they’re really not, quite frankly), but the ability to identify faces without your eyes is one of the best use cases for an app like this, at least in my opinion.

There’s also various other use cases noted in the app’s description. Microsoft says Seeing AI is built to work alongside VoiceOver on the iPhone which is likely the reason it’s not yet available on Android. You can download the app for free here.