Google Home Can Now Stream Music You’ve Uploaded to Play Music

Google has announced via their product forums (via Android Police) that they’re updating the Google Home to support streaming user-uploaded music and anything purchased from Play Music. Now, users can ask their Homes to play music they may’ve uploaded themselves or paid for rather having to subscribe to Play Music for $10/month for unlimited music.

On top of the subscription or free radio service, you can listen to music you’ve uploaded to and purchased on Google Play Music.

When asking for songs, albums, and artists from your library:

  • Free radio service (U.S. and Canada) – Uploaded/purchased content will play before the free radio station.

  • Subscription –  Subscription on demand content will play before your purchased/uploaded content unless you ask to play it from your library using “Play X <from my library>.”, “Play my X”, etc.

Additionally, not only will Google play these songs for you over the Home, but they’ll also prioritize them over songs that come through a radio station you may create. Obviously, this would be drastically appreciated by anyone using Play Music to stream music through the Home as their favorite tunes will be used as the main attraction. This would just solve my problem with radio stations: they don’t play enough of my music.

Google says this feature is rolling out to everywhere Home is available.