RIP: Microsoft Has Officially Killed Windows Phone

Microsoft today has officially given Windows Phone the ax (via The Verge). The operating system, originally released in 2010, has lost all support from its creator as it remains on nearly 80% of all Windows phones available on the market. For the record, only roughly 20% of Windows phones are running the latest version of the OS, Windows 10 Mobile.

Back in 2010, Windows Phone 8.1 became a relative success by becoming the third biggest operating system on mobile devices. However, it quickly became harder and harder to compete with the likes of iOS and Android which eventually swamped up 99.6% of the market. Now the question remains: what will happen to Windows 10 Mobile?

According to this support document, Microsoft will likely support the OS into 2018. They’ve already stopped manufacturing their own Lumia-branded smartphones with the operating system on top, so it looks like this will turn out to be true.

For now, it’s time to pour one out for Windows Phone which never really saw major success like it hoped for.