There’s a $2,500 Nokia 3310 with Trump and Putin’s Heads on it Because Why Not


It seems that every day, President Trump is making history whether by sending out a tweet storm or meeting with another foreign official. Today during the G-20 Summit in Poland, he’ll do it again by meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin face-to-face. And to commemorate the occasion, a Russian company has created a special edition of the Nokia 3310 that’ll cost $2,500.


Specifically, Caviar has given the 3310 a new body made out of tempered titanium. Gold plates encase portraits of Trump and Putin alongside the date and location of the Summit, while the G-20 logo sits in the middle surrounded by your average array of Nokia 3310 buttons. Literally all you can do with this thing is send texts, place phone calls, and play Snake, so it’s up to you as to whether it’ll be worth it in the end.

Pre-orders are now live for the handset for $2,500, and if you wanna grab yours, click here. Good luck convincing someone this phone was worth it. You know, unless you’re both Republicans.

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