Google is Making Chrome OS a Lot More Touch-Friendly

Google is redesigning the app launcher in Chrome OS. As discovered by Engadget and is rolling out to users in the Canary channel, there’s a new touch-friendly interface that makes a lot more sense for those with touch-enabled Chromebooks such as the new Chromebook Pro. By tapping on the app launcher icon, users are greeted by a search box and a list of suggested apps. A swipe up will get you access to all of your apps in a Pixel Launcher-style, while the classic taskbar will remain for all of you keyboard-and-mouse users.

I have to say, I’m happy to see Google adopting new layouts for Chrome OS and the evolution of the Chromebook. Touch-friendly devices are popping up everywhere, and what with the introduction of Android apps on the platform, it only makes sense to evolve the OS into something more than something you control with your keyboard and mouse.

Of course, things aren’t perfect yet. Since this change is in the Canary channel, I wouldn’t recommend testing it just yet since you’ll need to enable a flag and upgrade your Chromebook to an unstable version of its OS. That begin said, if you have a secondary machine, feel free to test away if you’re up to it. But for everyone else, I would just wait to see whether the feature ever leaves beta.