You Can Now Reply to Stories with Photos and Videos in Instagram

Instagram is releasing an update to their app today that allows users to reply to Stories with photos and videos that get sent to users’ DMs. Rather typing out a comment, you now have the ability to just snap a picture of your face or record your jaw dropping and send it on its way to the respective Story. Boomerangs, selfie filters, stickers, and more can all be used while replying.

Of course, much like Stories which expire after 24 hours, once your reply is viewed, it’ll disappear forever. Users will also be notified if their reply was taken via screenshot or replayed.

Right now, it’s pretty much a matter of time until Instagram evolves their Stories feature even more. Yesterday, Snapchat introduced new voice filters and link sharing from within Snaps for everyone. I can only imagine it won’t take Instagram long to copy these features and bring them to their own platform. Until then, you can get today’s new features on iOS and Android as a part of version 10.28 of the app.