Motorola’s Latest Mod Straps a 360 Camera to Your Moto Z

A new Moto Mod has been introduced. No, it’s not another battery pack or speaker. Rather, it gives users access to a 360-degree camera, similar to what Andy Rubin is doing with the Essential Phone. The accessory was discovered by both Evan Blass on Twitter and TechDroider.

Likely the oddest part of this news is the fact we know nearly nothing about the Mod except the fact it’s white, the camera sticks off the top, and there’s a Moto dimple on the back. The Mod was also announced exclusively in Ghana which could signal this accessory won’t make it to many other markets. However, I tend to doubt this, but you never know.

NO specs, release dates, or pricing was given as of yet, so it looks like we’ll have to play the waiting game. Stay tuned.