Google News Receives Material Design Makeover w/ New Features

It looks like Google isn’t abandoning its age-old news reader originally debuted 14 years ago. Called Google News, the platform has received a new material design makeover that resembles the News & Weather app available for mobile devices. Gray backgrounds, flatter buttons, and a more consistent look with the rest of Google’s products is now present which is certainly welcome and signals Google wants back in the news delivering space currently being taken up by companies like Twitter and Apple.

As for new stuff besides the refreshed design, there’s a new “For You” section that aggregates news Google thinks you’ll care about. There’s also a fact checker along the right so you can verify data as it comes in via sites like Snopes and PolitFact. Videos, top stories, cards, and simpler navigation have all arrived as well.


For customizing your experience, a brand-new Settings panel lets you select the topics that interest you and nothing you don’t. This is to make Google News more personal, and I have to say, I’ll be visiting this page pretty often now that I know it’s here.


Anand Paka, Google News’ product manager, had the following to say regarding the new update to the platform.

Every day people come to Google News for a trusted view of the world. It’s there for everything from moments of political change to gripping sports events to daily local news. To make news more accessible and easier to navigate, we redesigned the desktop website with a renewed focus on facts, diverse perspectives, and more control for users.

The updated interface is now rolling out to all users of Google News.