Report: Samsung to Revive the Galaxy Note 7 as a ‘Fandom’ Edition

According to a new report out of the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is expected to launch a new edition of the Galaxy Note 7 known as the “Fandom” Edition. It’ll be nicknamed the Galaxy Note 7 FE and won’t feature any of the design quirks that caused the original Note 7 to explode If you recall, Samsung took a major hit last year with the handset which led to the company’s frantic search to hunt down the reason behind all the explosive devices and to reassure users they wouldn’t go down in flames.

The Note 7 FE has been rumored for quite some time now. We already knew Samsung would eventually resurrect the Note 7, but we weren’t sure how they’d do it. Now, it just looks like they’ll be patching up all the design flaws and installing new batteries. Hey, they’ve gotta get rid of their supply somehow, right?

As for where the Note 7 FE will be sold, that’s a different story. WSJ notes the phone will go on sale in South Korea on July 7th, but there’s no word on where else the handset may reach. That being said, WSJ says the phone won’t affect sales of the Galaxy S8 in any way.

We also don’t know how much the phone will retail for. I’m placing my bets around the $450-$500 range since the O.G. Note 7 has 2016 specs and it exploded before. I just hope Samsung doesn’t price it higher since than this since it’ll be harder to sell just for that reason. Y’know, not when considering the handset’s reputation.

Considering the July 7th date is just around the corner, we expect to hear more regarding Samsung’s recent efforts to get the Note 7 back on the market in the very near future. Let’s just hope this doesn’t go down like the company’s previous ambition.