Google’s Currently Developing a New Chromebook with the Assistant and a Fingerprint Scanner

According to citings by Chrome Unboxed, Google is currently developing a new Chromebook with some big new features never before seen in a Chrome OS-powered machine before. The news comes from the publication’s consistent tracking of Google’s happenings surrounding the device reportedly codenamed “Eve.”

In terms of features, this new Chromebook may feature the Google Assistant onboard alongside a fingerprint scanner for logging in. There may also be one of Intel’s Kaby Lake chips inside to power everything, while a screen resolution of 2400×1600 may also be featured in a 3:2 aspect ratio. Additionally, a backlit keyboard, a stylus, and a convertible form factor could also make their way to this machine which, when factored in with the rest of the rumors listed here, makes this machine sound like it’ll put Samsung’s Chromebook Pro to shame.

No doubt Eve will also run Android apps as well, while some type of feature that requires users to tap the lid of the machine twice has also been spotted. But beyond this, we don’t yet no much about this mysterious Chromebook. We haven’t heard much in the past and it remains extremely unclear as to who may manufacture this device (whether it be Google themselves or someone like Samsung or LG), but when you put a bow on it, this new potential 2-in-1 sounds pretty baller.

Of course, we don’t know how each feature could be implemented. The Assistant ranges in functionality across devices it’s featured on, the fingerprint sensor could do no more than log one into the device itself, the display might be touch capacitive but not be able to flip 360 degrees, and the Kaby Lake chip will probably just be a rebranded Core M-series processor. But it’s too early to call any shots just yet so we’ll have to wait and see exactly what results from today’s rumors.

VIA: The Verge