The Next Google Pixel and Pixel XL May Be Radically Different

Google’s upcoming sequels to the Pixel and Pixel XL are pretty well anticipated at this point. Little is known about the handsets, but we’re near positive LG will at least build the larger Pixel XL. Now, via a source close to XDA-Developers who has apparently spent time with an upcoming Pixel device, we’re getting a clearer picture as to what to expect this fall from the search giant.

As for the smaller Pixel, not much may change. A 5-inch 1080p display expected, while a Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM will be reportedly be loaded under the hood. 64GB of storage will also be offered, while it’s also said Google will drop the headphone jack for their new phones. In its place, Google may incorporate stereo speakers by utilizing the bottom firing speaker and the earpiece. I don’t know how credible this whisper actually is, but if it tells us anything, it’s that Google can try to push customers to use wireless headphones, too.

As for the larger Pixel (or Pixel XL, whatever you prefer), this is where things get interesting. According to XDA’s source, this handset features a large 6-inch 1440p display that sits atop the handset with much smaller bezels than last year’s Pixel XL. This is obviously a much welcome change that will certainly be pleasing to anyone who uses the smartphone. It also will sport a Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM, while 128GB of storage will be offered alongside a single rear camera with a dual LED flash. There will also be a glass window for radios to pass through on the back; however, it’ll be much smaller this year and won’t enclose the fingerprint sensor.

If these changes rule out to be true, this will further divide the differences between the larger and smaller Pixels. With the Pixel and Pixel XL, the only differences were between the displays, batteries, and prices. Now, it looks likes designs, storage capacities, and even manufacturers could also play roles. Regardless, this year’s line of Google-branded smartphones should be pretty interesting.

While we’re near certain both phones will use the Pixel branding, XDA’s source notes the larger handset actually uses the “Nexus Imprint” name to refer to the fingerprint scanner rather “Pixel Imprint.” This indicates we may see another Nexus out of Google’s product line, but I tend to doubt this and you should too.

Google held their last hardware event last October, so expect more news out of the company around this timeframe during 2017.