Report: Samsung to Debut Galaxy Note 8 in September, Priced Around $900

A new report out of VentureBeat claims to reveal further details regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. The company, according to the report, is expected to debut the handset in the latter half of September with a launch soon following. The device will sport a pretty massive 6.3-inch 18.5:9 AMOLED Infinity Display alongside the usual S-Pen, but to further differentiate the Note from the Galaxy S-series of smartphones, Samsung may have other tricks up its sleeve.

For specs, VentureBeat says to expect a Snapdragon 835 processor, but this time around featuring 6GB of RAM. There will also be a dual camera setup consisting of two 12MP sensors. It’s unclear how Samsung will implement this technology, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they went the whole bokeh route companies like OnePlus and Apple are taking with their handsets.

The Galaxy Note 8 will also feature a fingerprint sensor mounted to the back of the smartphone next to the camera which may not be favorable to many. However, the company may be shifting its position a bit to the right so confusion between touching the camera sensor and fingerprint sensor can be settled, at least to an extent, while trying to unlock one’s phone.

In addition, the battery in the Note 8 is expected to reach 3300mAh. This obviously isn’t very big when compared to other cells inside competing smartphones on the market, but considering what happened to last year’s Note 7, can you really blame Samsung for making this decision?

As a final tidbit, the S Pen is expected to gain some new capabilities such as “full-sentence language translation and currency conversion.” These are just some examples we can expect to hit the handset when it makes its debut this fall.

As for pricing, VentureBeat claims the Note 8 will cost somewhere in the ballpark of €999 which translates to around $900 or so. Given the Galaxy S8 and S8+ cost $725 and $825 respectively, it would make sense to charge a price similar to this. However, this is nevertheless high for just a smartphone, so it’ll be interesting to see just how many people will be willing to pay such a premium price.

We expect to hear many more details surrounding the Galaxy Note 8 in the coming weeks so stay tuned.