Virgin Mobile Now Only Carries iPhones, Offers Unlimited Plan for $1/Year

Virgin Mobile has announced that they’ve now switched their product line entirely over to iPhones. This means you’ll no longer be able to buy any type of Android smartphone from the carrier, therefore leaving the question as to whether current Android Virgin Mobile users will either be left out in the dust or if they’ll continue to receive service for a period of time. We’ll let you know if this information becomes available.

To launch their new iPhone-only ambition, Virgin Mobile is offering those who buy an iPhone from Virgin or Apple a year of unlimited data, talk, and text for $1. Called Inner Circle, this deal comes with caveats like 480p video streaming, 500 Kb music streaming, and capped speeds after 23GB of data has been used, but you will be able to expand your plan with add-ons like unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico or 200 minutes of phone calls to “select mobile” phones in 50 countries for $5 or $10 extra per month. Regardless, this is still a pretty nice deal that lasts until July 31st and begins June 27th.

Once your year is up, you’ll then need to begin paying $50 per month for unlimited service plus any add-ons you’ve added to your account. Luckily, you will be entitled to some perks with this plan like a free night’s stay at a Virgin Hotel, a free companion ticket to the UK on a Virgin Atlantic plane, and even discounts on wine. To take advantage of this offer or any other plan offered by Virgin Mobile, you’ll need an iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, or SE. If you buy a new iPhone from Virgin or Apple after paying for two years of service, you’ll then be eligible for six months of unlimited service for $1.

There’s a ton of information regarding this offer that can be found here and is worth reading if you’re thinking about making the switch to an all-iPhone carrier.